Details and Abstraction

Basket making is a practice similar to a complex object.
In relation to time, it is a practice that reflects an evolutionary process embedded in every culture on every continent.
In regards to its technicality, it resembles architectural principles with its elements of foundation, of support, and of volume. Stability and harmony of the whole depend on the coherence of each of its components.
The material involved, willow, is a plant with intrinsic properties, « smart » and uncompromising. Its aesthetics, textures, colors and such a unique smell make it an amazing material to work with. It has an extraordinary capacity for twisting, pressure, and possesses mechanical properties of resistance that differ depending on the variety.
Weaving willow requires understanding the personality of the plant material and adjusting one’s gestures to each rod. It is along those lines that a dialogue is born between the basket maker and the material, not the other way around, and the making of each product is the result of both entities.